Thursday, April 3, 2014

:: Start Again To Write ::

Assalamualaikum Everyone…

I haven’t blogged in so long. Five months for that matter since last year. Not that I’ve nothing to write, no ideas and no moods. Maybe. Plus so many hectic days. But, this night seems like a small voice inside me speak to post again. So, I’ll trying to post in my own blog.

For this night, I’d just like to share my previous moment and my recent activities. . Well, a lot have happened in my life and I’ve ended one big chapter of my life (For sure, I’m not married yet).

In my last entries on November last year, I said I want to share one big event right? But until now, I still no posting any stories. Actually, my life as a University student at UMS is already ended. Alhamdulillah… I already graduated on last November 2013. No more university classes, tutorials, and no more hostel life. But, welcome to the real world. The real world means where I’m going after I finished my degrees. Do you know where I’m going? I'm not going to anywhere, but for sure I wanna go to the beautiful places that I have not been yet. The places is called "MY FUTURE". 

After I ended my university life and my training, I always wonder what's there in front of me? Where I'm going? May I design my own future?  Will my dreams be mine someday? Or it's just daydreaming. . Like Paramore group song:

DaydreamingDaydreaming all the timeDaydreamingDaydreaming into the nightAnd I'm alright

Running...Walking...Falling...Climbing back up again? 
Repeat the cycle. Again and again. 

Some of you might have just graduated too, and maybe some of you start working already. Or some of you have been working part time somewhere and maybe still unemployment. Maybe I still have no Rezeki to work at big company or government, so I just working part time as a general clerk at plastics supplier for 3 months only because I got other offers. Hurmm, what I imagine in my new workplaces  is not exactly happened. I just can stand there for ONE DAY only. Hahahaha. My new bosss so strict compare to my previous bosss. She's treat me like in examination hall. You know what i mean by right??? In the end I become unemployment again. Very sad stories. Huhuhu..

Jump to other stories. 

I dunno how to start write about this second stories. I have no ideas why he lie to me. Give me so many hope. Being nice to me, but in the end he hurt me. Really hurt me. Sometimes, I wish that he were in my shoes so that one day he would be able to understand my pain. But, I've no right to judge him. Just pray the best for him. It's called me and he not to write to live together. Maybe this is the way Allah want to show me. Learn to more patience. There's a wonderful Hikmah behind every hurt, and every complication that we've been through. Everything happens for a reason. In Allah we trust. We just plan, but Allah decides. Allah knows better. 

Now, I feel free and calm.. I'm not going to focus on my past anymore. Just leave behind. . Whatever our conditions, it is just temporary test. Allah knows our capabilities. 

Ya Allah, let me be a good servant. 
A servant tireless in facing life's journey, 
Accept all tribulations, and stituations... 

Ya Allah,
Please grant me patience and strenght..
Lend me the will to pursue my dreams..

Aminnn Ya Rob. 

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